There have been some changes around here. We have a new domain name and new expanded purpose.

Conrad 0:00
This is Selling Prescott, a project of I’m Conrad Walton.

Conrad 0:16
This is a change notice. We’ve got a new domain name, and things are changing focus around here.

Conrad 0:21
We’re going to be expanding the scope and adding a new podcast. Finding Prescott has been what we’ve been doing in the past. That lived at

Conrad 0:34
In December, we acquired a new domain name, So we’re going to open up the focus, expand the horizons here, and talk about everything you need to know before you buy or sell your house.

Conrad 0:49
We’re going to add a new podcast for people who want to sell their house. And that’s going to be called Selling Prescott. And we’re going to keep Finding Prescott for people who want to buy property here. But we’re going to expand that into experts giving advice. We’re going to interview home inspectors, real estate agents, escrow companies, mortgage brokers, anything that could help you make your experience better when you buy or sell a house.

Conrad 1:18
So both of those are not just going to be people stories, but experts. Plus I’m going to be talking on my own, giving my own advice on different topics, based on my own experience and knowledge.

Conrad 1:30
So that’s the official notice that I wanted to give everybody. If you’d like to hear the story of the domain name and how I acquired it, some of the background there, you can keep listening. Otherwise you can fast forward. You’re not gonna hurt my feelings. Okay, thanks.

Conrad 1:43
Okay, still with us? Alright, so here’s the domain name story. So I’ve been a web developer since about 1994. And in 95, a friend of mine had a company that had survivor in the title, or the name of the company. So I built him a website at In 2000. I guess the summer of 2000, Jeff Probst became famous and the TV show blew up. And I had a fan site there for a long time. I thought that domain name was worth a lot of money. In the meantime, I also owned, which had my last name, and I would get, people would send me any emails and say, Hey, you want to sell that domain name? And it always be for $25,000. And I would always say no. And, I swore my children’s childrens we’re going to inherit that name. I would never sell out for any amount of money.

Conrad 2:40
Well, one day, I got an offer for 25 grand, and I said, No, send an email back. It was from a lawyer, which was a little weird. I sent an email back and said, No, I want $250,000. That usually scares people off. And about three or four days later, I get an email back and they said, well, we’ll give you $125,000 for it.

Conrad 3:02
And I thought, Oh, man, these guys are serious. And just how serious am I? And how much money do I need right now in life? So said, Nope. I want $225.

Conrad 3:16
They came back and said “Well, we can give you $200 but it’ll have to be 100,000 this year 100,000 next year.” So I couldn’t pass that up. So I sold for $200,000. So that, that was really a nice, I liked that one.

Conrad 3:36
So, I thought I want 300,000 for that. Actually have met Jeff Probst at the TV show, the finale recordings. Met Mark Burnett, I talked to them about it. They weren’t interested in it. It’s like yeah, we’re fine. You know, we’re CBS. We don’t care about you.

Conrad 3:56
So I own It kind of slowly faded into obscurity. And I wasn’t doing anything with it, it wasn’t making me any money. And finally, a guy sent me an email and he’s like, Hey, will you sell I’m like, man, sure. 50,000 bucks.

Conrad 4:16
And he came back and he said, Well, I’ll give you 25,000 for it. And I was busy that day, I forget exactly why. I’ve been working really hard, and ended up it was in the afternoon, ended up taking a nap for about an hour and a half.

Conrad 4:31
After I wake up from my nap, I look at my email. There’s an email saying, so I’ll give you 28,000 for it. Is that okay? Another email. I’ll give you 30,000 for it. I want to buy it. Another email. Are you still there? Are you still interested in selling it? Another email. I had, like, you know, by the end of it was like 10 emails. He’s like, finally I’ll give you 35,000 for it.

Conrad 4:57
That was the best negotiation I’ve ever done while I was asleep.

Conrad 5:01
So I ended up selling for 35,000 bucks.

Conrad 5:05
So at that point, this is only a couple years ago, I was looking to expand my real estate business and marketing and branding and all that in Prescott. And I looked around, and I found

Conrad 5:19
That is the perfect name. There’s a few others out there. I contacted owners. They didn’t want to sell. But was for sale at a domain broker. And they wanted $17,000 for it. Well, I just got 35 for survivor. And this would actually help my business and they actually possibly make money off this.

Conrad 5:42
And but I didn’t want to go over like 10,000. So I told him, I told him I do 10. They came back and said, well, we’ll do it for 15. And I’m like, No, I can only go to 10. And then they came back and they said, Well, we can go to 12. But we can’t go any lower. I want 12 grand for it. And I’m like, and I can only go to 10. So I didn’t do that deal.

Conrad 6:04
And that was about a year and a half ago. So perfect domain name, but I just couldn’t pay the money.

Conrad 6:11
So I started instead. Been working on that, building that up, doing the podcast, writing articles, you know, the whole nine yards, for a year and a half.

Conrad 6:22
And then in December before Christmas, I was sitting there watching TV. And as real estate agents tend to do we, we check our email, just see what’s going on. And so I get this email. And it says, Hey, I’m a broker in Prescott and I have and I’d like to sell it for $5,000.

Conrad 6:48
I jumped up, paused TV, jumped up, sent him an email. I will pay you five grand tonight, right now. I called him. He called me back. I’m like, Yeah, I want to buy this. Took two days worth of, you know, paying for it, doing the codes to transfer the domain name, validating the payment, blah, blah, blah, the whole process the technical stuff.

Conrad 7:13
So two days later, I own for $5,000. And I was willing to pay 10,000 a year and a half ago. So I’m pretty happy with that deal.

Conrad 7:24
I’m pouring all my all my energy, thoughts, and work into, and that is going to be the home for the Empire. And hopefully it’ll blossom into all things real estate in Prescott, and have resources, and knowledge, and all kinds of good stuff. So that’s the story of domain names.

Conrad 7:48
Thanks for listening. Please drop a review wherever you get your podcasts. If you have any questions or need any help with real estate in Prescott, please give me a call or text me at 928-925-4428. You can email me at Conrad at You can always contact me through the website where you can also get show notes with information about this episode. That’s

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The key life is gratitude, so stay thankful.