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Finding Prescott Podcast

Finding Prescott - Prescott Real Estate Podcast

“Finding Prescott” is a Prescott Real Estate Podcast for people who are considering buying real estate here. Listen if you want to know what it’s like to live here.

Before you move to Prescott, hear what real people have to say about Prescott.

We interview people who moved here, real estate professionals, and local experts, to give you all of the information you need before you buy property in Prescott.

You can read the transcripts, if you prefer.

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001 Conrad Walton, From The Beach Near LA

Download this episode! In this episode, we talk to Conrad Walton, From The Beach Near LA.

Conrad Walton is a real estate agent who lives and works in Prescott. He moved here from El Segundo, California, near Los Angeles.

His phone number is 928-925-4428. His web sites include Prescott Real, and   [Click Here To Read More]

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