Way Out North East Area
Real Estate Market Summary

The Way Out North East Area is neutral market.

The inventory is coming down, and the prices are fading. Sold to List Ratio is dropping.

With the Absorption Rate coming down because of less inventory, this area is selling about the same number of properties and the prices are about the same.

The Sold Price Volume is about the same, compared to last year.

Days On Market is high, and going higher, so prices will have to come down to sell more properties.

Sold Price (Average) $656,444
Listing Price (Average) $791,024
Active Listings 33
Sold Listings 9
Absorption Rate 2.39
Sold To List Ratio (Average) 90.3%
Days On Market (Average) 94.2
Price Volume Active $26,100,000
Price Volume Sold $6,090,000
Way Out North East Area Real Estate Information