Yavapai Hills Area
Real Estate Market Summary

The Yavapai Hills Area is slowly becoming a buyers market.

The inventory is going up, while the number of houses sold is going down

The Sold to List Ratio is going down. The Price Volume is slowly going down.

With the Absorption Rate and Days On Market going higher, almost tripling this year, this area is selling less properties, even while the prices are only slowly fading. Reality will catch up and prices should drop more.

Sold Price (Average) $430,983
Listing Price (Average) $516,702
Active Listings 45
Sold Listings 6
Absorption Rate 3.16
Sold To List Ratio (Average) 91.4%
Days On Market (Average) 60.2
Price Volume Active $23,250,000
Price Volume Sold $2,590,000
Yavapai Hills Area Real Estate Information