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Current Prescott Weather

Prescott Weather

The weather in Prescott is perfect. At least, I think so.

What I mean is that it’s warm in the Summer, but not too hot, and cold in the Winter, but not to cold.

It’s dry.

If you move here from a beach area, you’ll notice the humidity is much drier than you’re used to. They have lotions for that.

Summer does have some hot days, but I was surprised to find out that there are monsoon rain storms every July and August. Rain in the Summer. Who knew? I wasn’t used to that.

Winter does have some snow. OK. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of snow. It’s a great novelty for about 20 minutes, then it gets old.

The good thing about snow in Prescott is that it usually doesn’t last very long. It’s typically only a couple inches and then it’s gone in a day or two.

It’s warm when the sun comes out the next day and melts everything.

Prescott Weather

Prescott Weather

Every few years, there might be a bigger snow storm that lasts 5-7 days, but the city maintenance crew does a great job of clearing the streets and moving all of the snow away.

Another unusual thing about the weather in Prescott is that there are rarely overcast days.

We have rain. We have snow. We have sun.

Boom. That’s it.

If it’s overcast, it’s going to rain or snow within a day. It doesn’t last.

Weather Is Just Right

We have to compare Prescott to Phoenix to the south and Flagstaff to the north.

Phoenix gets HOT in the Summer. Typical Summer day is 108 degrees. It’s warm in the Winter which is why everyone from Wisconsin flies there for the Winter.

Flagstaff gets into the low 80s during the Summer, but Winter averages are down in the mid teens for low temps. For 6 months, the average lows are below freezing.

But Prescott? We’re right in the middle. Just like Goldilocks, we’re not too hot and not too cold.

Prescott is just right.

Current Weather in Prescott

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Prescott Average Precipitation and Temperature

Prescott Weather Temp and Precipitation

Prescott Weather Temp and Precipitation

Month Temp. (min) Temp. (max) Temp. (avg) Precipitation
January 25°F 55°F 38°F 1.3″
February 29°F 58°F 42°F 1.0″
March 33°F 64°F 49°F 0.8″
April 38°F 70°F 55°F 0.4″
May 46°F 78°F 63°F 0.4″
June 56°F 90°F 75°F 0.5″
July 63°F 91°F 77°F 2.4″
August 61°F 88°F 74°F 2.6″
September 54°F 84°F 69°F 1.2″
October 43°F 75°F 58°F 0.8″
November 33°F 65°F 48°F 0.5″
December 26°F 54°F 38°F 1.4″