Cyber Monday brought a flood of email with pitches from everyone selling something.

Rate My Agent is a company that manages review for real estate agents.

I’ve been gathering reviews, when I could, from clients for a while now, but have never really done anything with them.

Cyber Monday gave me a deal too good to pass up, from Rate My Agent. I upgraded to their “Pro” subscription, which gave me a lot of cool tricks and tools.

On my front page is now a “carousel” of reviews, along with a link to my page on their site. You can read all about me, and my stats.

I was stunned to see how I’ve been doing, much better than I thought.

2023 has been my best year ever, but still, it’s weird seeing it in black and white.

I have 10 reviews, with all but one being a 5 star rating. One was a 4 star. 49 stars out of a possible 50.

Missed perfection by one star!

Thinking back over the clients that I’ve worked with, I don’t remember anyone being unhappy with me.

Plenty of other agents on the other side of the deal have been, maybe, but never my client.

I like this review stuff. Makes me feel special.

I am especially proud of the review below.

My seller was not happy with real estate agents when I met him, so I had a lot to prove.

Click on this link, or the image, to read more about Conrad Walton Reviews.

Pleasantly surprised !

Having had some disappointing experiences with realtors, we were pleasantly surprised with the approach Conrad Walton took toward the ultimately successful chore of helping us sell our property.

Conrad came with thorough research and a complete plan to present our property to prospective buyers.

This included a demo video from a drone flying around the property, a few feet off of the ground.

This would allow ALL potential buyers to see how special our property is, not just the ones that come for a site visit.

Conrad addressed all of my concerns and skepticism, including my calculations of valuation of the property, and voiced his pricing strategy and together we arrived at an aggressive marketing plan.

Conrad then went to work, and promptly produced a comprehensive listing including professional pictures, the planned video, and a written, informative description that effectively captured the buyer’s attention.

Unlike previous experiences, there were showings from the first day, and in numbers and frequency that were unexpected.

Some liked what they saw, and some didn’t.

Conrad worked to address and adjust to the buyers interests, resulting in our first offer a few days after activating the listing.

Conrad expertly negotiated, working closely with us and the buyer’s agent, to achieve a full-price contract.

There were issues and wrinkles on the way to the closing, and Conrad provided advice and guidance all the way, resulting in the successful completion of the contract.

Our pleasant surprise has increased to admiration and recommendation of Conrad for his excellent creativity, attention to detail, prompt follow-through, and comprehensive advice through the entire process!

Remember, this comes from a home seller that has been very skeptical of realtors.

Gary P, July 10, 2023

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