My List

I’ve tried to put together a list of pros and cons about living in Prescott, but it’s incomplete.

If you live here, please add your comments.

Things some people love, other people hate. Everyone is different.

Here’s some of what I’ve found.

Living in Prescott – Pros


It’s in the middle of the state, so everything is within driving distance.

Or maybe it’s in the middle of nowhere and it’s too far to drive for anything.


It’s not too high, and it’s not too low, so the Summers are mild compared to Phoenix, and the Winters are mild compared to Flagstaff.

Financial Benefits

Cost of living is low, or maybe it’s higher. I came from California, so it’s MUCH lower for me.

Taxes are lower here, state income tax, sales tax, property tax.

Is it better here for you? What are you comparing it to?

Prescott National Forest

The forest with all of it’s recreational possibilities is surrounding us. Hiking, bike riding, dirt bikes, 4X4 off road, it’s all right there.

If you love getting out into nature, we got the nature for you right here.


The courthouse Square is a great place to hang out. Whiskey Row is fun. There are a ton of historic buildings downtown.

There’s no real night life. If you’re a hipster, it’s not a great place to be.


Prescott was founded in 1886 as a gold mining town. It’s soaked in the old west. Famous names walked our streets. Some of that nature that you’ll be out driving or hiking around in, also contains gold mines and historical artifacts.


There are a bunch of golf courses and country clubs. It’s a great place to retire and a lot of people do.


There are colleges in Prescott that are great. Embry-Riddle is one of the best engineering schools specializing in aviation and aerospace. Yavapai Community College and Prescott College are also good places to learn.

Other People’s Comments

I did a search around the Interwebs and found these comments, among others. As always, there will be toxic people who are never happy with anything, as well as true believers, who see no flaws at all.

I copied and pasted, so the spelling errors are not mine, but original so you can get the true flavor of the comments.

What Do You Think?

Please leave your comments below.

Do you love it or want to leave it?

Most importantly, why?

Thanks for your feedback.

Some people say:

It’s growing at such a fast rate that the cost of housing is nearly pushing families to Phoniex. The realty companies are difficult to work with as some will not be in compliance with renter rights and dont care if they screw their renters over. Its growing so fast they treat you like you’re city trash if your a millenial parent. It’s tough to be a minority and a traditional family in this town but we do it to survive. There is alot of elderly people here in town and that makes this place a retirement community, and they will use their horns quite quickly if they think your slowing them down. There is other young people, but they live outside of this town. I love this town, but the Californication of this place is imminent.

Prescott is a historians dream town. Built as the center of the Southwest, there is history pouring out of every building. Although, old people are also pouring out of those buildings. If you are looking for a modern, high tech city, Prescott is not your place. But if you are looking for nice hiking trails, a beautiful downtown, and no diversity, you’ve found your next vacation getaway! Also, it only gets to be about 102 at the hottest point in the summer, which is wonderful weather compared to Phoenix!

Another one:

You can go 15 minutes in any direction and pretty much do something outdoors like hike, bike, or just explore and chill. Nightlife is kinda boring, people are nice but stay to themselves. Alot of taxes being collected here but not alot to show what they are actually spending it on.

Another one:

Prescott is a wonderful place to be. It’s seasonal here so you will get warm dry summers and light snowy winters. There is a bad alergy season in the spring but it’s not a deal breaker. It’s about 1.5hrs away from Phoenix so if you need to get things only available in a large city you have that as an option. The people here are mostly very friendly. There are three colleges and an excellent collection of communities such as art and mountain biking. It used to have poor internet but that is not a problem anymore. Prescott is not a strict Christian community, there are plenty of types of theists and atheists alike. There is no public transportation and very few bike lanes. There are a lot of motorcyclists and classic car owners here. It’s not uncommon to find people who have been all over the world and decided to make Prescott their home. That alone speaks volumes for the area.

Another one:

The weather is fabulous, the people wonderful, and both Flagstaff and Phoenix are about and hour and a half away. This is a paradise for outdoor activities and Sedona is just an hour away. The Grand Canyon is about 3 hours away.

This is known as the Christmas town with our courthouse going all out with amazing light displays. In the summer Jazz in the square captures my heart on Tuesday’s after Taco Night with friends. But the summers are magical with weekend activities and programs, the falls are divine, and the springs are amazing. It’s all happening on the courthouse square. And there are wonderful activities all around.