(This article first appeared on Walker Community.)

We’ve got a collection of Arizona Highways magazines, and we subscribe.

The latest issue has an article about the “Prescott Lakes Loop”, which starts at the courthouse, goes east to Walker road, then south to Lynx Lake.

So far, this is my drive home on any typical day.

After lunch at the Lynx Lake Cafe, they go south, through Walker, stopping at the Pink Car, before traveling on to Hassyampa Lake, then to Goldwater Lake.

I never thought of it as a “loop”. It’s always just been where I live.

This article gave me a new perspective on Walker.

Remember to wave to all the new tourists driving through our little patch of the woods.

After lunch, we continue down Walker Road. The pavement ends just past Pink Car Hill Road. The colorful story behind the road’s name begins in 1939, when a local doctor rolled his car and left it. The U.S. Forest Service painted it the color of Pepto-Bismol, making it a reference point. The subsequently cut road was named for the car. In 2011, Prescott High School students stole the car, repainting it with school colors. Outraged residents were grateful when it was recovered and its color restored.

Read the entire article at: www.arizonahighways.com