I’m a control freak,

because I can do everything better than everyone else.

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

You know what I mean?

Then, earlier this year, I got really busy.

I was running as fast as I could.

I was burnt. I needed help.

I asked Sam, who the best TC in the office was.

And I hired Tania Nauroth.

I just threw all my paperwork at her.

She organized it. She reviewed it.

She uploaded it.

She reminded me when things were due.

She managed all my paperwork.

She worked with my clients to get all the paperwork signed.

Now that I have a TC, it’s like a huge weight’s been lifted.

She’s generally made me a better agent.

Now I can focus on what I do best.

I can focus on my clients instead of catching up on paperwork.

I also more time to spend with my lovely wife.

Well, I’m good at some things.

Turns out I’m not actually better at everything.

I’m even “not good” at some things.

I hate paperwork.

I learned that giving up control,

asking for help,

and working with other people

makes me a better real estate agent.

Not to be too dramatic, but hiring a TC changed my life.

If you’re an agent, get a TC.

If you’re buying or selling a house,

get an agent who has a TC.

Somebody like me